Mathale Contracting Services is a company that was borne through sheer guts and determination. The company was established by its strong willed director, John Singo, in 2001 under very trying times.

John Singo had been an exemplary contracted employee for Witwatersrand University since 1980. On the job he learned the ins and outs of construction and all facets of building maintenance.

In 2000 Mr. Singo along with other employees were retrenched in a university reshuffle. Unemployed and devastated after 20 years of loyal service Mr. Singo persevered and opened his own contracting company.

In 2001 Mr Singo had a successful upstart company with which he became an independent vendor for his previous employer Witwatersrand University.

From 2001 Mathale Contracting services has become one of Witwatersrand Universities largest and most preferred contracting companies.

They conduct the maintenance work on most of the buildings on Wit’s vast grounds.

Their services stretch from the numerous residences on campus to the residences off campus.

Mathale Contracting Services are responsible for the impressive upkeep of the Witwatersrand University’s administrative building and massive departmental and lecture structures.

Beyond this success Mathale has also procured work from outside clients. One of its esteemed clients is Pikitup, on of the largest waste disposal company in operation in Gauteng.

Mathale Contracting Services is a sterling example of a heroes’ journey. The company continues to grow and employs over 9 employees to date.

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